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Adventure ho!

Posted by VoyeurPillar - January 29th, 2021

Today Is such a good day. Vetted into the halls of wonder and looking forward to churning put some artwork.

Although to just be creative is not enough! I have to be alive to create anything! I’m taking my cohort and rummaging around the forest today.

Perhaps we will come across mating bigfoots! Or a meth freak cult incampment! Or perhaps a band of bikers laying low from the law with goods for trade! These are only a few of the perils that lay wait for us!

Theres sun too, warm gradient spender from the gods! And critters galore, murders of crows laugh the day away overhead, predators and prey dance the dance on the thick forest floor. Perhaps another friendly band of vultures saying grace over a fallen bore carcass!

Well, gulp, here goes nothing!-VP

UPDATE: after about two hours of wandering and rummaging I am cedar rich and cactus poor!

(collecting cactus is perilous work! Head to toe it pricked me, making holes where non existed! Be pulling pins for the next three days, because adventure!)

We wandered so far off the beating path we came to a place where man felt comfortable displaying his couches to the world! All in one curated dumping ground! A beautiful display of fo leather, fluffs, 1960’s large brass recliner springs you could repurpose for conduction, automation, or even agricultural applications! *note bring the metal sheers next outing!

On top of that we found an old hobbits home that past developers had bulldozed into a pile and intended to come back for, however they ran out of capital and now their dreams and his still sit in the pile covered in moss, vegetation, and brambles. The hobbits modest domicile reduced to the old fine crafted brick and stone it was fashioned from still in perfect condition just waiting to be repurposed!. *note bring wheelbarrow next outing as well.

Then we wandered to a clearing, cedar everywhere yet one lone enormous swamp oak overlooking a small marsh with long reeds shooting to 6 feet and obscuring the water. We come to the other side where it narrows and the sand barge gives way to the murky waters bustling with catfish and crawdads.

After 45 minutes of cutting, climbing, and sliding this place it is decided, will be the location of the lunch. A blanket is produced and laid out across the grass and a backpack reveals a small feast of sandwiches, cold beverages, and ancient herbs. A large old wise Turtle waiting for his old lady to come back with the groceries sits perched on a dead branch the swamp oak donated. He stares out at the roiling waters as the residents fight for tadpoles and mosquitoes. A lizard eager for sun comes up from the massive shelf fungi that protrude in sheets from the sides of the dead branch. The sundog (lizard) makes his way up to the turtle like they are old freens, climbs atop his buddy's shell and begins doing pushups on the warm surface.

An oily billed bird standing 3 feet off the ground dips his stabber into the abyss freshly roiled by his feet as he stomps to aggitate and confuse his prey, again, and again, swallowing smaller fish and looking at us as we partake in the ancient herb and enjoy the warm sun on our backs. Yes, this is just what I needed, escape from the horrors of reality, a fresh look at the wonder all around me, without the constant droning distractions of the modern era.

Having Munched on some pastrami samitches and sated our hunger we finish the herb and pack our things again, pressing on further into the uncharted only to find a road leading back! “That works I have to pee” my cohort exclaims and the road leads us back to the clearing where we had parked the automobile.

If you have a large area to explore be it a jungle or temperate forest, even the urban jungle still offers adventure and interest, you owe it to yourself to explore it!

just always remember to go prepared for any eventuality and have an open mind! The experience will be wonderful. People were not meant to be stagnant and in one place. It makes for weird mutations in mind and body and to deny your need for adventure is a sin in the book of adventuring!

No matter where you go when you have time to explore be it on foot, in videogames, by book, movie, proclivity.... If your a drawist grimlin like me seeing new things will fill your head with great stuff for later illustration! Now go! Go see all the shits!-VP